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AURA - 40 Abstract Gradients

AURA - 40 Abstract Gradients

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Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of different times of the day - dusk, sunrise, sunset, and dawn, Aura is the ultimate collection of 40 stunning abstract gradients. Transform your designs into masterpieces with this vibrant and diverse range of color palettes.

What's included?:

  • 4 different color variations. 40 different designs in total.
  • Each design contains 3 different noise variations: no noise, low noise and high noise
  • Files are JPG, RGB
  • Size: 6000x6000px and 2000x2000px

Where can I use these gradients:

  • Include them on your next branding or digital project
  • Use them as backgrounds for your social media posts
  • Create unique packaging designs
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